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Social Security Benefits

No one can really understand your personal struggle with your disability. It's frustrating not being able to function in normal, every-day life. Sometimes your disability requires extra doctor's visits, medical equipment, or special circumstances. Money starts to become a big issue, especially when your disability keeps you from working.
Thankfully, we have a special help from the government to aid those with disabilities. The disability benefits of social security range from disability insurance to an income based on financial need.
Physically Disabled — Disability Lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO
Although there are lots of people struggling financially, social security disability is not for just anyone. There are strict guidelines that require a person to prove their need. In many cases, people are often rejected the first time they apply for social security disability.

This is where a social security disability lawyer comes into play. At Terry Fjeld Attorney at Law, we know every hoop you need to jump through and can assist in making that jump as smooth as possible. We want you to receive the benefits and help that you need. Call us today and find out how we can help.